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    The initials stand for the Whitewater Christian Evangelizing Fellowship.  Technically speaking, the fellowship is a cooperative effort of individual Christians from Churches of Christ and Christian Churches in the tri-state area.  It is working to establish new congregations where needed and to strengthen weak congregations.  The W.C.E.F. was organized in 1961.  The members of the organization represent no one but themselves.  They are in no sense official representatives of member congregations or churches they assist in establishing.

    The W.C.E.F., however, is much more than a cooperative effort of individual Christians.  On one hand, it is people who love the Lord Jesus Christ and are committed to evangelism.  Because of this love, these Christian people give of their time, talent, and money to see New Testament Christianity spread in the tri-state area.  There are thousands of people who need to hear the Gospel.  They are lost, without hope.  The whole purpose for the organization is to provide a New Testament Church in locations where none exist.  Many of these people who are lost will not only be converted, but should grow in Christ through these newly established congregations.
What is the W.C.E.F?

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The WCEF has established the following Churches over the years:

Church of Christ, Harrison, Ohio - Established 1963
Church of Christ, Moores Hill, Indiana - Established 1965
Church of Christ, Greensburg, Indiana - Established 1966
Church of Christ, Batesville, Indiana - Established 1970
First Christian Church, Hanover, Indiana - Established 1974
Liberty Christian Church, Madison, Indiana - Supplemented 1977
Church of Christ, Moorefield, Indiana - Supplemented 1983
Church of Christ, Madison, Indiana - Established 1985
Church of Christ, Florence, Indiana - Supplemented 1990
Church of Christ, Manchester, Indiana - Established 1997
Church of Christ, Center Square, Indiana - Supplemented 2001
New Testament Christian Church, Osgood, Indiana - Supplemented 2006